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I think that MB3 supports XBMC style as well. I guess I could try that. Can you confirm that works with PLEX ?
So it's like a wordpad file, called ".plexignore" and the text inside the .plexignore file is "trailer" and it will ignore anything that has trailer in it ? Each trailer is named differently, it's what the media browser plugin or MCM does automatically. Can I just make PLEX ignore anything with "trailer" in the name ?
For some reason PLEX is still trying to scrape all my trailers even though I added a -trailer.plexignore file to my root folders. Anyone else have a good suggestion how to enable trailers without PLEX scraping them ? What I specifically want is to be able to view a trailer in MB3 theater, but not have all the trailers show up in my PLEX libraries. It would be nice if PLEX understood them and just left them alone, or even better could play them and had trailer...
I wish there was an option to download and store movie trailers in their own designated folder or library just for trailers and independent of your media folders. Developers listening ? Anyone know if this is possible ? I would much rather them be in a separate folder and not inside my movie folder.
I am about to wire mine up and try them tonight. I also am building a pair of Fusion 8's so I can give you the opinion soon on both. I am about 70% done with them.
Congrats man !! My wife is pregnant with twins too! Due any day now.
Yup! You are soooo right!After a 45 minute shower to the point my skin wrinkled with water exposure and endless scrubbing I gave up:I thought I was being careful and I was even using rags to clean my hands periodically.It was basically to the point the only way I was going to remove it was my skin was going to fail. This wasn't a full 24 hour cure either- probably only a couple hours. I just left it, figured the layer of skin would eventually fall off. It did.You...
Most of the time with smaller speakers and drivers you often are not amp limited. You might want to try the speakers first with your current amp before you upgrade it if you've fully decided on these speakers. I doubt it would be a problem. At the upper end of things, getting louder and louder becomes a point of diminishing returns so it's not often an area of concern for many. You need more and more and more, for less and less and less. Hardly worth it in most...
You can actually die from bass you know. It will offset the rhythm of your heart and even cause cardiac arrest in some people with prolonged and excessive exposure.
It's a polyurethane based construction adhesive so when it's still wet you can clean it with something like a paint thinner or other oil based solvents. Once it dries it's over. This stuff is designed to glue, and never be unglued. Really heavy duty stuff, this is the kind of stuff someone would use if they wanted to glue a tile on a ceiling and make sure the bond never failed and it fell and hit someone in the head or killed someone.My problem was I did not realize...
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