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Where did you buy the paint ?
I like the black pant and blue fabric combo
If I'm reading between the lines correctly this means you already have a plan using them in the works, so this other plan should use something else ?
Did you put your finish on with a roller ? Or spray it ?
That's a nice looking stone. I can't believe how expensive freakin stone is these days. It almost makes no sense. I'm shopping for some for outdoors on our breezeway/mudroom and I might just end up siding it due to costs
Thanks for the advice. I cranked down pretty good on the tweet and no cracking... I'll consider myself lucky I only wired up one, I got tired and it was late. I'll try to finish up the second one tomorrow and give them a listen. I'm excited
I have a Razer keyboard now, it's easily 5 years old (Tarantula model I think) and it works great. I just would prefer something more sophisticated and better for typing fast. I don't like the "click" sound though.
Potential. This thread has some.
I have a roll of rubber based automotive gasket material - that should work ?
You want a modern GPU that will do HD audio over HDMI Get me the model I'll figure out if it can for you, if not a GPU upgrade would be needed. Without knowing your GPU model it's hard to tell the best solution
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