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You want something like a europower or iNUKE for subs. Think 2000 or 4000 watts. Subwoofers take power. The idea of overpowering is in case you need it as it improves dynamics. You won't actually send all that power to your fronts or rears but it won't hurt having it. The high efficiency waveguides like the SEOS have good power handling and great dynamic range but they are also capable of high output so many just won't use them or listen that loud.
I guess I'm asking how to figure it out? Is it like calculating port tune on a vented sub ? Or different? I originally abandoned the idea due to lack of understanding, I think I want to know more than I want a bass trap riser actually.
What did you end up with ?
Ok so it does update regularly ...
MPC-HC is great option for MadVR; very mature product and the sticky guide in this forum for set up is excellent.
Where is that old ad that showed some crazy small hard drive for crazy high price ?
I wish there was an option to download and store movie trailers in their own designated folder or library just for trailers and independent of your media folders. Developers listening ?
Thanks all !
I think it's more a mfg tactic to gauge demand, and help bring the mfg process more in line with consumer demand. Mfg process usually takes place in batches, while demand of consumers doesn't follow the same way. Pre orders and close outs are a way to help funnel demand more in line with batch mfg
I should have asked the question more clearly; my fault. I meant to ask what is the alternative to hiring Erksine group ?
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