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Wow. That's pretty nice
I use both so I'd like to just figure out how easily to make PLEX not get confused or try to scrape my trailers. I had the same trouble with the "video themes" but making the folders "hidden" did the trick.To answer your question,I use plex in the ipad only; never on the HTPC.
Explain this better ? I am not sure my Hitachi router came with a parallel guide. Should it have ? If not I'd have to buy one of those just the same right ?This is the router I have:
I have a brand new Hitachi router I bought in the summer when I made some raise panel cabinet doors that should work good (although it's not a plunge router). I would need a jig for it, or I can suffer through the zip tool some more and spend about the same on burning through spiral bits at an alarmingly fast rate.Where can I buy a jig locally ? I'll go in the morning and get one.
So that is an advantage for a single SSID ...
So did you get that door painted and installed?
Mind = Blown.
http://www.homedepot.com/p/Milescraft-Guide-Kit-for-Routers-12230713/202241663great you just cost me another $40. I thought the zip tool I have would get the job done but it doesn't. I never even considered using my router.The purpose of the flange and recess is cosmetic ? To make the woofer more flush with the face of the baffle ? Or does it provide some other purpose like a better air tight seal ? Would I have to recess the woofer or could I just mount it and...
Yup that would work. I think you can get more than 2 from a sheet no problem, unless you want full sheet bracing inside or ported, which takes up more wood. My comment was designed to say that if you are building your own boxes you don't have to follow the flat packs which might be less ideal. A larger box might perform better if you could accept it, or ported. I don't mean it has to be super huge either, even just a couple inches can sometimes make a difference,...
I tried both. I ended up doing about 1/4" at a time, then another... and then finishing it off. But the bit smoked and burnt bad, stunk terribly and was generally slow and not good. Just wondering if this is normal ? There must be a better way.
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