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Why would you copy the flat pack ?Are you looking for sealed or ported? Easy construction design ? Or maximum output ? Answer will be different.For sealed you can build a 17" cube and just drop it in. For ported you can go bigger like 24' cube and port at 20hz for more output.For bracing you want a brace for every 12" I think- or basically no panel longer than 12" without some typ of bracing so in a 24" box cubed a single brace should be all you need.I just built...
Anyone try this game ?It's pure lulz. Wait for windows XP to load up and try it. You will laugh.http://www.modern.ie/en-us/virtualization-tools#escape-from-xp
I knew you'd post that picture The inset waveguide is really a nice touch. Did you ever get a sander ? I grabbed an air powered one with a new compressor yesterday at harbor freight I am going to try out on my Fusion 8's. Is it weird I am building Fusion 8's so I have something to listen to while building my theater and speakers for it ?
I agree. Unforgiven has to be one of my favorite movies ever.
For my office.
Hey you guys! A Goonies sequel is in the workshttp://www.theguardian.com/film/2014/apr/07/goonies-sequel-richard-donner-feldman-brolin-astin-cohen
Actually this might be cool. A group project or multiple skype call.
Dual 12" drivers would be killer. Do these new 15" models still use the DNA 360 ? Or the BA-750 ?
What is good way to get exact frequency tones ? I want to try this.
What signal and source material is going to create it to break the circuit ?? I mean it's on it's own dedicated circuit right ? Not shared with a fridge or air conditioner ?
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