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Where is that old ad that showed some crazy small hard drive for crazy high price ?
I wish there was an option to download and store movie trailers in their own designated folder or library just for trailers and independent of your media folders. Developers listening ?
Thanks all !
I think it's more a mfg tactic to gauge demand, and help bring the mfg process more in line with consumer demand. Mfg process usually takes place in batches, while demand of consumers doesn't follow the same way. Pre orders and close outs are a way to help funnel demand more in line with batch mfg
I should have asked the question more clearly; my fault. I meant to ask what is the alternative to hiring Erksine group ?
Your fear of DIY is what ? I'm assuming its in the staining process and getting the color right ?
For subs any decent subwoofer is going to require more power than any AVR will do. The Berlinger iNUKES are popular options for sub amps with some addition benefits; the value DIY crowd seems to really like these.
I know a lot of HK amps have this ability and use jumpers to connect the in and outs to each other. I'm not sure about all AVRs but it was just an idea I had. An external amp is still a great solution, I was just trying to utilize the amp channels in the AVR if possible.
So how do you know where to place the vents if you wanted your riser to function as a bass trap ?
I think the larger driver typically offers more output and lower crossover point / lower controlled directivity. This would be different with different drivers but true in general as a concept. If I'm wrong someone smarter than me will correct me But using something like a 12" isn't a small driver so the importance of a 15" might be small. Personally I think I'd rather a dual 12" if you wanted to get silly, there is more / better advantages I think. Just don't...
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