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J_P_A, Was there any other designs or MFG made speakers you were considering ?
Thanks Fred! My crossover is all wired up! I'm just waiting for my terminal cups to arrive from parts express. Quick question for all: If I made a mistake wiring it would be obvious right? I mean if it sounds good I am Probably ok ? How would I know for sure ?
I was thinking 42" or 48" ok thanks !
How about the stair width ?
Would you mind sharing them with me ? I'm Mostly interested in the veneer and wood work stain
It's nice to have him back
I definetly want a full sofa in me second row
So a single 36" entrance should suffice ?
Ok quick question for all, What size door into my theater should I choose ? Is there such a thing as too small? I don't want to limit not being able to get stuff inside. My planned theater build is above a garage that's planned 32 long by 24 wide; I'll have at least 2 rows and bar in the back. It's new construction so I'm trying get the ceilings high. My concern is bringing in construction material and furniture- and anything the future might bring. Single door...
Do I need them or can I just solder ?
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