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I can't find anywhere it's says yes or no ?
That helps!
Those parts don't come in the kit right ?You bought those separate ?I mean specifically these:
OK I think I need some help - or at least a double check and a thumbs up before I proceed. I found the cross over wire that MTG put up here: http://www.diysoundgroup.com/forum/index.php?topic=345.0 Since I have the MTM here is what it looks like: ok, so here is what I have now on my table: My questions are: 1.) The red areas- and what appears to be the negative or the end - where does it go ? Does it all go back to the [ - ] input terminal and back to...
MTG-08s would be the value option, and have reasonable dispersion as compared to what DE imagined when he spec-ed the theater in his designs. If the choice is saving cash or chasing value those seem like a great option. It's still a lot of speakers for surround, especially since he will have 4 on the sides and not just 2. The Fusion 8 Alchemy is another choice, as is the minions. All three designs can probably be adapted to a wider and less deep box to make them...
Older people like the top end hot; my dad is the same way. Men naturally lose top end hearing as they age do that's probably some of it. I'm getting there myself, my top end above 16,800hz is greatly reduced, I can't hear 19k and 18k is almost absent. Hearing ability has some to do, older guys won't even be hearing much so the hot top end sounds better to them, while kids leave room screaming.
I see why you have 1000+ thumbs up .
If your attic inst relatively sealed then you have an inefficient house Depending on location makes this matter or not. If the wind blows hard and you feel a draft I'd hate to have that heating bill.
If you were closer I'd finish it for half that I'd encourage you to tackle on your own. Do you have an air compressor that can spray paint or clear ? It's more time consuming than it is hard, take your time it will come out fine. Do you want to stain it ? Or paint it ?
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