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What is a good high value sub that is well suited to IB applications ?
Makes perfect sense You have a good way of explaining things. Thanks.
I am trying to reverse engineer this to determine exactly what "tune" I have on my port but I am struggling since I am not sure about a few things. Here is what I remembered : (I changed some in build process)I don't think I used a port length of 38" thougt. I thought it was 55" - which I think was because I made the box volume different, or I had calculated it wrong.I just took a look at the box volume calculator...
On a side note I am trying to reverse engineer what I did when I did my cuts- I thought I put my port length in this thread but I guess I did not. I am pretty sure I made it 33" but I lost the paper I had written it all down on when I cleaned up the garage.I did include this above:But for some reason I ended up making the port only 33" long but while I am sure I did this, I can't for the life of me remember why I'm hoping it was a moment of genius and not another...
I PM-ed him, Thanks.
What's a good entry level measurement set up cost ? I'm pc proficient and a quick learner generally bit I've never done or taken measurements. Do I need a special microphone ? Which? Do I have to calibrate it? How? What software ? This is an area I have never entered into (yet) but I would like to learn how to calibrate my system and measure speakers. Anyone have advice ?
MAKEMKV can do it.
Since when is a week to reply considered a bump ? I only get AVS updates once a week on my subscriptions, and I tend to miss some stuff till I get it.
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