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Yes I did read the quote. Harry is saying the original track is only on the High School Reunion Disc. He is also states that the Blu-ray has been changed. It hasn't. It is the same as what is on the High School Reunion Disc. Both are the original theatrical soundtracks. Harry is obviously confused. I'm guessing he is misremembering the pre 2003 soundtrack as what is on the High School Reunion disc that was released in 2003.
Harry has it wrong... as usual. The 2003 High School Reunion DVD has the original theatrical soundtrack. It's even stated on the packaging. The Blu-ray is the same. He's probably remembering incorrectly. He thinks the home video version of the soundtrack is the original (pre 2003 versions).
How exactly has it been changed? I thought all current versions have the original theatrical soundtrack (from 2003 until present).
I don't know if they did it digitally or optically, but the faces always looked weird. They look flat.
The stunt double's face was replaced with Kate's. But it was done for the initial release, not the re-release. It has always been there. I remember seeing a story on tv about it and made sure to look for it. It's pretty obvious if you know where to look for it. If you don't know about it, you would likely have missed it.Are you suggesting that he re-did it to make it look better for the re-release?
I'll try that. If it decodes properly through the Oppo, then I guess my receiver needs a firmware upgrade for this title.Although the Sony player is not running through an AVR, it is hooked up directly to the tv via HDMI.I'll let you know as soon as I get around to it.
Yes. Trying to get as much info on this release as possible.
I just finished watching the Alliance Steelbook release of From Dusk Till Dawn and there is an audio dropout that lasts one second at 1:22:47 when Jacob is getting bitten by Sex Machine. Oppo BDP93 with latest firmware (April 23, 2012) Audio dropout also occurs at the same point on a Sony BDP-S270. Can anyone else confirm this? Please list your BD player. Thanks
Well, I have egg on my face. I checked this again last night in absolute darkness and the macro blocking is still there. Sorry to get everyone's hopes up.
New Posts  All Forums: