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This has been my experience exactly. I found the MC12 with room EQ simple to set-up, I often wish I had not have sold it.
What amp are you moving to next?
+1 WookieI respect others' opinions and their right to believe that all amps sound the same. I personally have not heard enough amps to have an opinion one way or the other. Now, that being said, I do not want our Aerial thread degraded by debating this topic. That is for another thread.
Has anyone paired up their Aerials with a Crown XLS pro amplifier, or, perhaps a similar pro amp? There has been a lot of discussion in the amps forum debating whether or not all amps sound the same. I'm looking to hear from somebody who may have heard a pro amp on aerial acoustics speakers.
Thank you Craig for the explanation.
I use a Marantz 8801 with Audyssey XT32. Is it being suggested here that I should go back, after the Audyssey set-up, and check my trim settings with Audyssey room correction engaged? I already own an AIX test disc and an SPL meter.
This entire thread is becoming tiring. I try to just avoid reading the posts, but, I just can't help myself
The 8801 does an awesome job of EQ'ing my submersive subwoofer. My previous processor was a Lexicon MC12B with an on-board EQ. The tremendous improvement in my subwoofer performance, which is solely due to the 8801 and Audyssey XT32, is the main reason I decided to replace my Lexicon with the 8801.
I'm not lacking anything with my Proceed. I am only concerned with its age, and, the fact that my amp for my surrounds is from a different manufacturer.My budget is no more than $4,000 for five channels, and, I will most likely purchase pre-owned to get the best value. However, a new B-stock Parasound Halo or ATI is under consideration. I will most likely go with a separate three channel amp to power my fronts.
I've had my Aerials sometime now for my front LCR, and, have been using Polk audio speakers for my side surrounds. I have debated for a long time whether the expense to use matching Aerial speakers for my surrounds would be worth the cost or not for the increase in SQ. Last week I purchased a used pair of LR3's, and, had a chance to install them and set them up into my system. For those of you on the fence, like I was before buying these, all I can say is OMG!! The...
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