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I have one of those Channel Master 4221 Antenna's that I just took off my house. If anybody wants to try it out just let me know. I live up in Park City and I was able to receive all the channels fine with a samsung OTA. I just swtiched to cox just for the DVR recording which works great. But no cbs or nbc in HD. rrrrrr Best e-mail is bhess@hmsvc.com to reach me. Brian Hess
I have been having that same problem. Kinda like everything is kinda echoing. I thought I might of had a loose wire on my receiver or something. Not for sure what the deal is.. Hessman
Man the grammy's were looking so good until they took off the hdtv prolly so they can show the freaking cancellations. What about all those cbs commercials. Kinda cool. Just wish I could see college ball in HDTV...well At least ku games.... Hessman
yea.. I did another channel search and my cbs was coming up 12-1 before and now it is 19-1 and coming in with no problems. I agree with you guys on the Directv poplulating the guides. You guys getting info on fox and abc? hessman
I am getting 80's on NBC. I just was scanning the channels and 19 or 12-1 has a signal on my setup menu but comes up weak signal and not picture. Not for sure if cbs is having problems too. 8:44 this morning. Hessman
I got a RCA DTC-100 That I might be interested in selling for a very good price. PM me and let me kow if your interested Chrisb25
heak yea I got 16x9 nascar racing.. sound is working for the moment...Glad to see fox is moving on up Hessman
Well good news to me. I found out that the 1080i on the lp500 in widescreen mode just does not work very good. The compression line on the screen just drives me nutz. I talked and talked with infocus and they have decided to swap me out with a ls110 model to correct the problem. I am glad that infocus was so kind to do this since I was kinda misled buying this projector. I just wanna compliment infocus on thier kind customer support. Hessman
True True....cant wait until espn goes HD....When will that be.... Thanks for the info of the card. the Radeon is one that I have liked the most. Just wish I could pipe my dtc-100 15pin vga into it... That would be nice... Hessman
What kind of recorder are you using. I figure your pc is probably what you are using. If so what video card... I am thinking of getting a htpc together and just cannot decide on a video card for hd... Let me know Hessman
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