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Probably Hometronics in Dallas. They carry all the top flight gear.
Closer to 80
Peter, no one is spilling any special sauce here. You have posted numerous times images showing the MiT logo and intimated their involvement since you did the first place with a Barco. It's like saying that the choice of Chip Foose to build a hot rod is ip; it just isn't. What actual modifications were made (shapes of irises ,actual shape to gamma curves, power supply mods, etc) that can be considered ip, and that info is between you and them.
It looked good at CES, screen size was comparable to yours also. You would be satisfied with it. That Titan chassis makes more noise than your current pj - just a heads up concerning your install. Dan
I'm guessing this is Moving Image Technologies doing the projectors; they sell both and do mods- that's where Peter has sourced units and had the "Superkontrast" developed. MiT sells NEC and Barco DCIs, the UHP are probably that 2ks format projector with some iris and gamma mods. Maybe a pretty frock, too if AVS really wants to get into the custom-branded thing. Maybe I'm close, maybe not... Dan
It depends on the firmware you're talking about. The Trinnov software can be updated remotely as long as the unit is connected to a network and is allowed an outside connection. The ADA firmware must be updated at ADA. As has been noted before, the Cinema Reference Mach 4 is essentially 2 devices in one: and ADA surround processor with a large number of inputs, etc. and a 16 channel Trinnov optimizer. The Reference has an internal structure that is literally 2 chassis in...
That is what we did with the 8 subs in our room. There are 2 groups that are joined pairs signal-wise and the other 4 are independent.
It might make the house sell faster to the "right" type of buyer, but will not add any value from a commercial standpoint. I would suggest against leaving your equipment (if I remember correctly you have a rather high end setup) If you want to leave gear, make it as budget friendly and value minded as possible (think Paradigm and receiver). The average homeowner hasn't the foggiest idea what high performance gear sounds like or is worth. Home theaters are a staple in...
There's a dealer in LA; Brentwood Communications that just pulled their Qualia down last week from their showroom. If anyone is interested, I suggest you contact Michael Hattem regarding the projector. I think he said he still has 2 brand new lamps for it as well. contact info: Brentwood Communications 1-310-476-6363
I can attest to that previous statement- though our Trinnov is inseparable from our processor. I'd just like to add that every time I think this thread is dead….it comes back to life #walking dead. Dan
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