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Not so much slight of hand between those 2 amps, but I tested the RS20i with the CAT design similar to the RA7300 and my own personal ATI 2007: they all sound the same. Not the same capabilities, but same sonics. ATI sound quality lacks for nothing- especially when we're talking about surround channels. Dan
Yeah, he's certainly nuts.
I've never had an ADA processor crash in 10+ years. Not once, and certainly not our 40k processor. And that's half-computer!
The factory Datasat cable uses Neutrik connectors and Mogami starquad cable, If I remember correctly. Standard fare.
Contact Steven Hill at Straightwire: they'll male custom cables and their product is very high quality. Just a suggestion
I think it follows the Dolby standard.
call me, I can explain the various differences and options.
Or you could just ask me instead of starting a thread..
I'm going to have to talk to support on that one; if it was intentional, that was a stupid decision! I've been a beta tester for Cinemascape, the K store,and the ipad app, and generally speaking when dealers clamor enough for features- they get them. Who did you pruchase from? That dealer can access the installer settings if they are on the same network. Dan
There is not a Cinema One vault vs Premier vault. The DV700 is the DV700 and it operates the same with both servers. The mykaleidescape.com/installer portal should allow for dimming on the DV700- that interface is supposed to be universal to kaleidescape systems. I believe Craig is actually my rep, so perhaps he can consult with support and confirm, but Mark, you shouldn't have to do anything to the hardware to dim or even turn off the LEDs
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