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[quote=Joe_R]Well, after being underwhelmed by the news from CES, I decided to begin looking for a plasma. Pioneer was at the top of my list. Then I found out Pioneer dropped their msrp by $500. Very inticing. So I headed up there to check out the 4361. I called the wife and said, what size, 43" or 50". She replied "what do we have now?" I said 55". She said "get the 50". So I left with a 5061. Well, it's coming in Friday as none were in stock. So with Pioneer dropping...
Well the sound / video synch problem appears to be fixed. Right now they have the 4:3 version of programming on 41-1 (black bars on the side), weather radar on 41-2, and a full screen version of what is on 41-1 on 41-3. 41-3 is terribly pixilated. I plan on checking out Leno tonight. On another topic: What is up with WLTX? Why are they only broadcasting digitally for the Young and the Restless and primetime. What is stopping them from going full time?
It is great to finally see WIS go digital. I'm getting a 89 signal strength here in Lexington using the Radio Shack double bow-tie. One problem though, the sound is slightly out-of-synch with the video. Oh well, I'm sure they will fix it.
Anyone living in the Lexington area receiving OTA HDTV? If so, what antenna are you using? Thanks,
Hi Guys, I just found this forum. Allow me to introduce myself. My real name is Steve and I live in Lexington. I see we already have a Steve here, so I am Floundahead (don't ask). Last week I hooked up my new RCA DTC100 STB to my Pioneer HDTV ready 53" receiver. I'm using a cheap old UHF antenna an am receiving pretty good signals on WLTX and the PBS station. I am amazed at the picture quality. I have tracked down a Radio Shack UHF antenna that was recommended...
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