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How is the noise level compared to other drives you used in the past? The reviews didn't have a lot to say about how loud it is.
Does anyone have any personal recommendations for a blu ray drive (I prefer a blu ray burner if you know of a good one). My main requirement is that it be quiet. Thanks
What's the Netflix coming out of?
Its a 46" panasonic plasma TC-46PGT24 (costco exclusive). The tv does support arc but it appears to only output 2 channel PCM:( The boxee now sounds good when hooked directly to the avr but now I'm out of wired connections (ps3, avr, and boxee) so now I need a switch.
Thanks guys! I thought optical would be the best, I didn't know it had limitations.
Is this one of those things where I need to research for hours on end and no wants to share their experience because it was such a pain in the ass? Really my question seems like it would apply to any type of setup and not just a v673.
Are you basically trying to stream via DLNA? I'm trying to do the same thing, my phone sees the receiver but I'd don't see an option to select DLNA as an input. Airplay works perfect though.
I recently bought a Yamaha v673 to power my 5.1 setup. I'm new to audio and I'm trying to figure out all the standards as well as what are the best settings/methods for connecting to my other components. So my questions are: Currently my tv (panasonic 3D plasma) is connected to the receiver by hdmi and optical, is this the best method if I want all the audio to go through my speakers instead of the tv? I have a boxee box connected to my tv via hdmi and I use it mostly...
I didn't find a shortcut on the remote but I did find he answer thanks to another post. All I have to do is start playing the air play compatible app on my phone and connect it to the receiver and it will switch over automatically, I don't even need the remote! It even will auto power on the receiver.
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