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My humble opinion technology is changing so fast that what ever Video or Audio tech we have within 3 years or so it would be obsolete and that's what the Manufactures want., thus the masses will buy the new tech as soon as its available. I imagine if one company comes out with a new tech other companies must follow or they start dropping sales and vanish. It seems that the new movement is 4K and movie producers do not know which way to roll 3D or 4K thus, 3D could be...
Have the S5100 for a couple of weeks and havent heard any noise when turning it on nor off, so far. I am still in the learning mode on the player as far as using the browser option, etc.
Just bought it last week from Amazon, so far good in dvd playing blue Ray & 3D, it has a heck of a nice picture coming out off the player, recently trying to understand the player with its WIFI capabilities and the internet, the remote has no backlight but again look at the price of the player and everything that its capable of.
Well, had bought the orginal PS3 from Sony for $300 way back then, do not know why I bought it for since do not play any games but on the other hand when Blu-Ray came out and 3D my PS3 saved me money since did not had to buy 2 other DVd players, now last night inserted a movie into the player and Gabam the red light and a green light started blinking and my Video got stuck and could not get it out to save my life, anyways took it to a local repair shop and they were able...
What are you using as a 3D player and are your cables able to pass the 3D movies?.
Say for the latest firmware where can I find the instruction on the step to step on how to install 106, if such animal exist. Thanks
While inserting the 3D movie hit the bottom of remote that says 3D and when a window pops up go to frame packing and that should do it after a while the HDMI cable or projector will self adjust to the 3d.Hope it helps
Hi, guy,s mental block here have downloaded the firmware upgrade 1.06 and is under the DlP composer folder within the x86 files,where it should be my question is this under the DLP folder have 16 items how do we open the composer tool??? Where is the file do not see it. Thanks
Thanks, rwestley for the confirmation, of my file.
Thanks, rwestley for the confirmation, of my file.
New Posts  All Forums: