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How about something like a Denon AVR-1913? Last year's model so it is on closeout for around $400. 7.1 with lots of power and features. Highly regarded around here.
Uh, you posted last week. We asked for more info. Instead you start a new thread and once again ask us to read your mind. Just post the damned pictures already. I guess at least this time you gave us the projector model #.I am looking at the user manual here: http://www.aboutprojectors.com/pdf/sanyo-plv-60k-manual.pdf . I was wondering if the projector even had an inverted mode, but I eventually found it buried on Page 36.Is there a tube that holds the projector away...
Problem is, you gave us nothing to work with here. Brand of projector? Model #? Any labels on the mount? How about a picture or two?
You are causing yourself a lot of grief in order to use that BluRay player. Standalone BluRays are cheap these days. For example, WOOT has a Samsung for under $40 today. Junk the HTIB, get a standalone player and use the yamaha to its potential.
Darned tooting. I design avionics for a living. Don't get much nerdier than that I have seen Frobidden Planet half sheets go for well over $10k at heritage Auctions. I've never paid over $500 for anything, and only a couple of times beyond $200.I have one 3-sheet frame. 41"x81" rails, plexiglass front and foamcore backing, it still weighs in at around 80 pounds. I own a half dozen 3 sheet posters, but I don't change it out very often. Last time took 4 hours. I have...
A good frame can be had from Hollywood Poster Frames or Spotlight Displays for around $55 for a 1 sheet. I use these frames and can vouch for the quality. I kind of like the folds, as I am nostalgic for how they looked on display in the theater. I also know I am not the common user there. Even among collectors, most folks try to get rolled examples.To be fair, the S2 Recreations actually are respected and the out of print ones appreciate over time. I have seen them go...
S2 are very well done repro posters. In some cases here though, the cost of the litho approaches the typical auction price of an original. I like having originals in my theater, knowing they once hung in a real theater. I also like having stuff that isn't the same 6 repro posters everybody else has. Of course, that is just me, and I have no issues with you choosing differently. This is the sort of thing I hang in my theater:
The thing with glass breaking is dependent on the supports and the moment of inertia of the weights being away from the support points. I notice from your pictures that there are a pair of support points to the wood structure directly in front of the left and right edge of the TV stand. I assume there is another pair at the rear. Given that, you have a very small lever arm of torque, and thus a very low moment of intertia. In fact, 80% of the weight is being directly...
I would also suggest staying away from the primary colors. I have had better luck with tending toward the grayish tones of the colors. My screen wall and ceiling is a deep indigo, while the side and back walls are a smoky medium indigo.
No, it actually is that the TV strips the surround information from the TOSLINK output. when using the aux inputs. It is documented in the Panasonic manual.You could add something like this, but if i were spending that much, I'd look at updating to a newer receiver instead: http://www.monoprice.com/Product?c_id=101&cp_id=10110&cs_id=1011002&p_id=7974&seq=1&format=2
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