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I would also suggest staying away from the primary colors. I have had better luck with tending toward the grayish tones of the colors. My screen wall and ceiling is a deep indigo, while the side and back walls are a smoky medium indigo.
No, it actually is that the TV strips the surround information from the TOSLINK output. when using the aux inputs. It is documented in the Panasonic manual.You could add something like this, but if i were spending that much, I'd look at updating to a newer receiver instead: http://www.monoprice.com/Product?c_id=101&cp_id=10110&cs_id=1011002&p_id=7974&seq=1&format=2
If you really want full darkness with the ability to open the shades, I would look into making roman blind style shades using the warm window product. This places a sheet of insulation and mylar between two layers of fabric. The roman blind is a gathering type that bunches up when retracted. If you really want it to seal, place rubber magnetic material on the edges and have a metallic strip to have it stick...
They do make compliant floor tape for concrete slabs, but I have had issues with it in the past. Shorting out when the floor flooded, arcing through because an office chair rolled over it too often, etc. I think this sort of thing might work better for you. Put it across the aisle and then hide the power strip under the chairs. BTW, a UPS is a good idea in case power fails while in them. I use the UPS for the chairs and my...
Pops up from time to time. They are usually manual recline, like the now defunct K-Mart ones. If you can wait a couple of months, COSTCO usually has a furniture event right after Christmas. The past few years have included theater recliners in that price range. I'd still talk to Roman or Ken Lerch though. You will be happier in the long run.
I agree on the low speakers, but if you do decide on the second row seating, make sure the speakers aren't blocked by the front row. I did run into a show home where everything was muffled in the second row, while the front row got blasted. Those home theater recliners are pretty good sound absorbers.
The wiring is obvious. You really don't want your equipment up front, but the speakers need to be there. You need to run the speaker cables, and in wall is best. Decide now where the equipment will live and whether you want or need a built in cabinet for it. Again, that's something a lot easier to do now. Just as important is to decide where and how you are going to hang your projector. You need to get power and signal to it. My room is similar in dimension, and I...
Are you looking for a front projector system, or just a fancy TV room with a big flat screen? Makes a lot of difference on what we all say.
I kind of thought so. I don't know of any commercially available poster like that. Doesn't mean there isn't one. I see two options. First, you could find a suitable ticket booth, take a picture and then have your local Kinkos make a large scale print of it.Many members here have actually built a ticket booth false front into the wall. Here is a link to a place that sells complete kits:http://www.cinemashop.com/3/ticket-booths.htmThey also have specs for a roll your...
Interesting. The common lobby card size is 11x14" and there is a ton of material out there. There is also a mini-lobby card at 8x10", but that is less common.Picture something like these from my collection: (or anything else that strikes your fancy)
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