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FWIW, my teens spend more time in the theater than I do, but it is mostly XBOX and online streaming content. Console and PC games are awesome on 120"
At least 120", could handle 135". The best window treatments for room darkening are insulated roman shades with magnets on the edges for sealing. Unfortunately they tend to look bunchy when retracted so the WAF is a challenge. You can go with gray screens or one of the xpensive light tolerant ones like Black Diamond. They help, but don't expect a miracle.
I wish. Even the polos are marginal for my job.Still with my bad knees and fat carcass, don't think I could do your job.
Yeah, I bought the polo shirts
Not powered at $400/seat. Not really that great a deal.
Ken is accurate. Going price is more like $500+/- per seat for powered. Dirty little secret is that these things don't hold value at all though. You may be better off cruising craigslist for used units. If you are willing to compromise on style, you can stay well within your budget.
$500 isn't a lot. Try finding a used machine that is a generation or 2 old. They tend to go for bargain prices and if well maintained can do nicely. Say a windows XP media edition with a core 2 processor should be sufficient for what you need. One with a bluray drive would be nice as well.Reason I say $500 is pushing it, is that you will likely need to add mass storage at around $75/TB these days. If you do any bluray at all, you will chew up a TB fairly quickly. If...
A couple of things. First, you are apparently working on a very low budget. Only fair to warn you that the Sony changer was discontinued nearly a year ago and was not replaced. These units go for a very high premium these days and I doubt you could find one for under $1k, even used. Ripping is really the best solution, and since you have the PC probably the most cost effective.
Just a thought, but you might want to check and see if they sent you a frame for the older 27x41" posters instead of the newer 27x40" one. AFAIK, all double sided posters that are best in lightboxes are 27x40.
I would look at joining www.allposterforum.com They are a group that is passionate movie posters. As a general guide though. If we are talking about a bunch of 2000 and later vintage random posters, probably would be sold as 4-8 bulk lots for around $40/ea. If they have been picked over and the best stuff removed, or if they are video posters, they are probably fish wrapping. If they are quality titles of mixed vintage, where you have actively collected them, you...
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