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I think you will get used to a larger screen very quickly. I am running 120" from about 12' (maybe a bit less) I agree with everyone else. It is going to look funky and the unmasked edges are going to bother you.
I selected both wireless N and 10/100 wired. We use wired connections for most things, but the XBOX is in a strange location and currently has a wireless N connection. Doesn't seem to be a limitation though.
Did you try looking at pages 3,5 and especially 8 of this thread? Maybe page 12? and so on and so on?
FWIW, I am doing the tile floor with large are rugs. However, my issue is flooding, not pets. When the flood happens, I can just roll up the rugs and let them dry. I will be using dri-core to handle minor water issues, and to help keep floors warm. One thing to note is that real theaters seldom have carpet.
Is your Elite in Gray or White? That will make a difference. Before you go too far, do an experiment. Turn off the projector. Turn your lights down to viewing levels and then sit down and look at the screen for several minutes. See how the screen is gray and not black? That is the deepest black you are ever going to see, no matter how good the projector is. Next, set up the projector to have black for its video mute, and select an unconnected input. sit back down and...
I've done this a few times now and had pretty much the same disasters early on. I found that the negative technique works a lot better than trying to add the texturing. You paint the base color first with the darker color. Then create a wash with a paint a few shades lighter mixed in a 1:1:1 with water and glaze. Roll this on, and then use a dry wadded up tee shirt to remove 2/3 of it. Dab, don't rub. You go through a lot of tee shirts, but the result has always...
They taught me back in engineering school to never trust concrete in shear or strain conditions, only compression. I would not trust a concrete anchor when the force would be trying to pull it out. A shelf on rear wall? On top of a cabinet?
Auto iris is a way of improving the shadow performance in dark scenes. It is mechanical, so some are bothered by the noise, especially in fast response mode. Try it both ways. You will probably find the difference is subtle. Reliabiliy is likely higher with it off. A good compromise is to use it in normal (slow response) mode.
Agreed. Buy a studfinder and hit a joist with at least one mounting point, preferably 2. You can generally rotate these mounts so that 2 mounting points are running along the same joist. If the mount has 4 mounting holes, consider attaching it so that 2 diagonal holes align with the joist.
Hmmm, my XR4ti seats never looked that good. As I recall, they had some sort of funky '80s geometric pattern and the fabric weave was very coarse.
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