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I just had to buy a new set this weekend after my Pany CT32HX42F died on me. Luckily I had been looking at LCD's for a while so it did not take me much time to buy something. I basically had 2 choices due to my size contraints. It came down to these 2 models. I purchased the Sharp and have had it since Sat. The picture compared to my tube HDTV is significant, but I have to ask if I should go with the Sony. It happened to be next to the Sharp on the wall for the same price...
i've decided to wait and purchase a better sub. more like a 12".. thanks for the input.
i'd say i don't want to spend over $500.
on sale today at Fry's for $199. any opinions. i would be replacing a Polk 8", that sounds crappy. my room is about 12x15 with vaulted ceilings and is open to a downstairs foyer and stairs to the downstairs. paired with Def Tech Pro Cinema 80 system and Sony STR-DE895.
thanks. i was reading that to be after xp saw the device correctly. not to install the device... never thought i'd be a RTFM victim
i have upgraded before (pre-SP2). you have to have the X1 driver installed. i cannot get XP to let me change the driver to the Infocus driver. thus i cannot proceed to the firmware update utility.
i'm trying to update my firmware to 4.3, running 4.0. my Windows XP box will not let me update the driver to the Infocus driver. it keeps using usbccgp as the driver. i thought it was a SP2 thing and uninstalled SP2, but still the same result. anyone out there run into this...
well. i obviously just look for a widescreen image, then it should be hd. also if you have a Dolby Digital receiver, the sound will be in DD 2.0 or 5.1.. look at the online schedules for the shows.. links below. http://kxan.titantv.com/APG/Grid.aspx?callsign=kxan http://www.kvue.com/aboutkvue/tvschedule.html http://titantvguide.titantv.com/apg/...x?siteid=49874
plaiming: i am in Steiner Ranch. what are your questions? i have Dish 811 with a Terk TV55 with good results...
my Terk TV55 gets pretty good reception in Steiner Ranch. but i'd like a more non directional antenna, since it will go in the attic. i am going to go by Frys and pick up a SS to try it out.... any thoughts ( besides the obvious Terk comments ) ... thanks.
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