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i'm thinking about the UPS route also...will look at Brickwall..
i am now looking to get my power stuff done.. i will be hooking up PJ, A/V receiver, DVD, SAT and VCR.. was looking at the Monster stuff, like a HTS2600/3600 or maybe even a strip. any input appreciated...
i finally got my update. but i have some questions... when i have the STB set to pass-through and my 4:3 projector (infocus x1) set to S-Video, the content changes with the format. ie 4:3 content shown in 4:3, HD content shown in widescreen etc... the STB shows the res as 480p, 480i, 1080i etc. when i switch my PJ to component (vesa), the content is all shown in 4:3.. is this suppose to happen. i would think it should format correctly using either output. also the # button...
i am rebuilding my screen 4:3. i assume yours is 16:9
what do you have your X1 set to Native, 16:9 or 4:3... are you constantly changing the modes based on content thanks
what s/w do you have to be on to have the pass-through option? also how do you find the s/w version? i found it once before but i've slept since then
those of you who have this setup, do you leave your X1 in Native, 16:9, or 4:3 mode all the time? are you always changing the mode. the reason i ask it that with my TW HD box (waiting on my x1) i have it set to a 4:3 display device ( i have tried it both ways) and if my X1 is set to 4:3 mode it makes the HD content 4:3 instead of what it should be ( i think ). i know someone that has a 4:3 LP350 and keeps it in 4:3 mode with his DirectTivo and it changes the image based...
that the 811s are in stock and ready to go... my install on 1/20 is a go.. i said i'll believe it when i see it... he did say i could cancel the install if is not. i hope my call was recorded. on to the chat....
i used CAT5e @ 35'... could not find shielded) r to rca 1 center (RED) r/w to rca 1 outer shield (RED GRD) bl to rca 2 center for (BLUE) bl/w to rca 2 outer shield (BLUE GRD) g to rca 3 center for (GREEN) all leftover to rca 3 outer shield (SYNC) repeat for other end. i used color-coded shrink tubing to "label" my RCAs
check mine out... Omnimount AB1. i think it was $24
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