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from TW website 1604 - FoxSportsHD 1603 - DiscoHD 1602 - InHD 1601 - InHD 1531 - KEYE (CBS) 1511 - KVUE (ABC) 1501 - KTBC (Fox) 791 - ShowHD 790 - HBOHD
i do a soft powerdown and wait atleast 10 minutes to poweroff with a remote controlled switch (ceiling mounted X1). the switch is made by GE and can be found in their "wireless home security" section at CC
i can tell you that the fiber optic output is functional on mine. no pops usually, but the BCS game last night had some occassional drops in the signal.
thanks NavinRJohnson, i am still waiting on my E*811, install has been bumped 3 times now since early Dec. next ETI is 1/20. i'm glad i still have my SA3250. you guys don't laugh but i bought a Terk TV55@ Frye's to use as OTA, but may return it before my 30 days are up, just so i'm not stuck with it if it doesn't work...
i have the one from pccables that i cannot use (can't run it through the wall) it is 35' and i have already cut off the unused bnc's... let me know if you are interested.
moakes is who i got my screen material from...
maybe i'll try to re-register
please feel free to post any other pictures..... of her regardless of the size. :)
i registered mine @ 11/15 purchased it on 11/1. no extended warranty. if they did extend the promotion they should extend the ones already registered after the promo ended....
count me in too. i was suppose to get one installed on 12/15, was called on a Sat 12/13 to say no 811s yet, reschedule for 12/19, tech came out and started to run coax. had to stop due to wasps in my attic, reschedule for 12/23. just got a call from tech saying need to reschedule for 1/3 due to no 811s yet. ( she says that they have not had one in about 3 weeks), i said "so what was the tech going to install last Friday", she did not know someone came out and all they have...
New Posts  All Forums: