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thanks. it is just an speaker mount (omnimount AB-2?). i will be darkening the walls later. wife is still getting used to all this new stuff upstairs.... just before xmas... so it sounds like your frame is not on the same plane as your screen by a full 1"... i'd love to see some pictures.. my nemo screenshots don't seem to look as crisp as others posted... but my hd stuff looks great.
i have been looking at the screens section. maybe i should have posted there instead... i'm wondering if i should go ahead and buy some more material and paint it using Goo or some other method.... there are just too many options available... some of my pics are here http://kramers.ttel.com/ht , updates tonite...
are you using? where you able to get samples from any vendors? i built a 16:9 screen from material i purchased online ($65 shipped 58x110)... i am going to rebuild a 4:3 after the holidays due to the overspill of the X1 above and below the image.... i have ambient light from stairwell windows during the day which will soon be remedied by blinds, most viewing done at night anyway.. i will post pictures tonite. 4:3 screen will be 64x48 @ 10.5 feet
anyone doing OTA in Steiner Ranch...? which antenna are you using, thanks.... i searched the 2003 thread and some of you had some issues back before summer.
i used UTP and it seems to work fine. i did a comparison w/ a $45 VGA breakout. unfortunately i could not run that big cable down my wall so UTP was the only viable option for me.
73" @ 10.5'
my walls are bone color. i plan to paint them darker later. my screen is "36x64" then a 3" border. i'll see how it goes.. i still have to relevel and adjust....
i'll post a pic later. but the light is definately not spill, as defined as light outside of the normal projected image i do have this also below the bottom left. although it is outside of my 16x9 image, it seems to be the "leftovers" from a full 4:3 frame. if i use the remote and hit blank to give me a 4:3 blue square imagine the area outside of the 16:9 screen and that is where i am talking about... i can't get rid of it with brightness/contrast controls. i am only 10.5'...
my border is 3" and the spill extends about 6" top and bottom...... which is about the size that a 4:3 blank screen would be if i had one....
i built my screen last night, but have an annoying effect i hadn't thought of when contemplating 4:3/16:9.. since the X1 is not 16:9 native i guess there is significant light on the outside of my blackout cloth. my screen is 42"x70" (including blackout area). what are you guys doing to "mask" this light... thanks.
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