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We hooked up (via spliter) the HD antenna to our rooftop mast TV antenna. We receive about 10-15 HD Radio stations both AM and FM in our market (Cincinnati and Dayton). Yes you can save to presets. IMHO - great HD radio receiver.
4308 speaker setup question. As we all know the 4308 manual is so easy to understand. We have the system now set up as a 5.1 system. Speaker connections to front,center, sub and surround. We are wanting to connect a whole house speaker switching unit to the 4308 but are unsure which terminals to connect to. Any suggestions.
We read this post a few times....How is this a problem with the 4308? Sounds as if the TV/monitor was bad.
HELP BIG PROBLEM on my NEW 4308. Everything went fine during set-up but now if power is around -35 on the read out and if bass track comes along it shuts down the whole 4308!! Total bummer. Any idea what the problem could be? The unit does not feel hot.
Hard to believe. But I'll find out soon enough. So what you are saying is that when I'm watching TV via HDMI cable and want to listen in zone 2 it won't happen unless I run an optical cable? If thats the case why use the hdmi?
No luck today on either the 4308 or 905. No one will come off retail. Heck I did not pay retail for my Anthem system 5 years ago. Really leaning toward the 4308 than the 905. Why? Stock and reputation I guess.
Ditto on that. I have not been given anything off from local or online dealers.
Why authorized dealers won't move off of retail for the 4308? Non authorized dealers sell the 4308 for as much as $700 off retail. Anyone buy from non authorized dealers have problems? And we are not talking about business which change #'s or sell B stock either. I just don't see Denon not fixing a problem if you have the serial # ect.
VE stands for which dealer?
Thats the problem! No one has the 875 in stock. If you know of one let us know. I will not pay $1599 plus shipping.
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