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Should read SR 7007 (and/or 7005 or 7008) vs SR 9600. The 7007 seems lighter than the SR 9600 by 20 LBS and uses less power than even the 7005. Did you upgrade from an SR 9600 to an SR 700x receiver? How did you find the sound quality difference for music and movies? I have a Marantz SR 9600. I love the powerful, warm detailed sound for music and movies. Thinking of upgrading to an SR 7007 or 7005 for new codes and 3D hdmi. The power of the SR 9600 is quite incredible. I...
While watching Hockey during the Olympics I noticed faint vertical lines on my 65VT60. They seemed colourless but noticeable during pans. Sort of reminded me of a dirty-screen-effect. Is this the screen coating or filter? Does it go away with time? It's rarely noticeable. Just wondering what other people's experiences were.
It's working now. I don't know why its different now.
SOLD Selling my Panasonic 60ST30 - 60" 1080p 3D plasma TV with 4 pairs of Sony PS3 3D glasses (Sony 3D glasses work very well with this TV). It's two years old and works great. It can be viewed in action with cable, dvd and blurays and its very impressive. Comes with power cord, pedestal stand, owners manual, USB wireless dongle (for wifi) and 3D glasses. I am in Pickering and I upgraded to a 65" panasonic plasma. You'll need a good sized car or mini van, I would advise...
I actually did put two slides on the SD card. Maybe I will try only one slide this time. I did do a firmware upgrade recently though. I will check the "inactivity" settings again. Thanks. I am actually selling the TV. I am just trying to reduce any IR that the TV may have. Of course, I am the only person who strains to see it...lol...my sister and friend think I'm insane, but, thats the life of a videophile...
I've asked this question and I have not figured it out. When I first ran the D-nice slides on my 60ST30 I was able to do it with no problem. Also last month I ran a single white slide for over 48 hours without issue. Every time I try to run the single white slide again now, I get the word Viera popping up. It appears. Then disappears and pops up somewhere else on the screen. How do I stop this? I need to figure this out asap. thank-you very much for your help,
Does anybody know for a fact whether the PSB Image 3LR and 4T crossover are identical to one another? Are they in fact the same part? The only thing differing between the two speakers is the enclosure size.
Getting most out of my 65VT60 What is the best advice for gradually getting the most out of my 65VT60 at each stage of the first few 100 hours? Is there a post or a thread or a website that details how to get the most out of the xxVT60 tv's? At the moment, I am at 80+ hours of full screen. I am watching with moderate contrast (60-70) in cinema for most content, full screen TV, Netflix, dvd's and BD's. All I have done is turned off all the NR, motion smoother, ABL, CATS...
How are most people finding the colour uniformity on their 65VT60's? Mine looks fairly good although on white screens I still see some variation on the screen. It's very minimal and does not bother me much, but I think its there. I will throw up some white and gray slides and have a look at those. How is your VT60 screen uniformity?
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