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They won't match the look of the rockets, but I've been using the Emotiva ERD-1 as my surrounds (with RS1000s and Bigfoot) for a couple of years now and have been very happy with them.
Anyone know what's up with the Chase forum or CHT in general? Just tried to drop in and see what's going on and got a page not found message.
A POS Soundesign system similar to this
I picked up an OmniMount RE27 a couple of months ago and have been very happy with it. The only thing I had to do was to pick up a couple of extra shelves, as I did not want to stack anything.
Well I'm definitely glad I came back to peruse this thread. I was going to look for recommendations on where to buy an OEM replacement bulb, but the OSRAM sure as heck is tempting to give a try.
Good luck, I've been trying to info on this for awhile. Mine are working just fine for now, but I would definitely be interested in picking up a spare.
RIP Ronnie Montrose... He was a rock pioneer, one of my earliest guitar influences (to this day I still love to play along with that 1st album) and one of the few who never really cared about making it big. He always did exactly what he wanted, not what some label wanted him to do.
I did a custom 2.35 screen from James as well. It was priced comparably to the 16:9 screens. ack_bk, are you saying that James now offers an AT screen option? He didn't do this when I bought mine.
I picked up a used 1219 about a year ago and how been thrilled with how it sounds.
That's pretty much my sentiment. The man is scum, but I still love my 1Ks. Of course I like it even better that I bought them used, not from AV911.
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