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I'm not sure why you would need a preamp in Ozark. I get all the channels except FOX with an old $20 Radio Shack special in the attic. I live just south of the city line (like 100 yards).FOX is another story. Coverage with their toy antenna system is so spotty I could live right next door to you and own identical equipment... one of us might get reception and the other not. Yes, the coverage really has that many holes. I got KRBK when they first fired it up but lost...
I don't know how you know these things but it appears you were right. Thanks for posting.
I absolutely HATE KRBK. One week it is fine and the next it has completely disappeared. Again. Talk about undependable... I've never seen anything like it.
Oh, it knows 49.1 exists. The signal is just too weak for the DVR tuners but the TV tuner is finding it somewhere. I don't know where 31.2 originates but I assume that is where it is picking it up. I get 31.1 easily enough. I don't undderstand why if the TV tuner makes whatever translation it needs the DVR tuners don't do the same.
I don't understand what is going on with this. I'm in Ozark and had given up on Fox. My TV now picks up Fox just fine but my DVR (Win 7) does not. The tuners in the DVR are as good as the one in theTV, maybe better. I don't know what to think. Weird!
I know how you feel. Unfortunately, there are several FOX shows I like. KRBK just sucks. I was getting a signal and bought a signal amp just for FOX because it was a little weak. Everything was fine until they finished their install and started "tweaking" things to "improve" them. Well, they "improved" me right out of a signal. I can't get KRBK at all anymore. I guess my only option for FOX shows now is the internet. Too bad the FOX network player really sucks. ...
My Win 7 Media Center guide lists all possible channels. That doesn't necessarily mean I can get them. You don't say what Media Center you have so yours may be different. If it were me I'd run the antenna coax straight to the TV and scan with that to eliminate possible losses due to splitters etc. Point the antenna directly at the tower and realize it is VERY directional, much more so than the large towers the other stations use.
Thanks, but I want to be able to record several shows at a time so I need to receive them all. Right now, I think the best option is to point my antenna at Fordland and just blow off KRBK.
Indeed it does. I never had a problem when I could just point at Fordland. However, if I did that I could not get KRBK.
I'm near Ozark so Fordland is northeast and the the KRBK tower is a few degrees west of north. In other words, the antennas are about 45 degrees apart in relation to my position. I must point the antenna at KRBK to get it at all so naturally the other stations are weaker with the antenna pointed so far off optimum for Fordland. This causes problems with some tuners and some stations during storms, especially KOLR.
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