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Thanks for the heads up, already bidded on them.
Rememeber this date 10/17/07. Best Buy Co. said Wednesday it has stopped selling analog televisions and pulled all remaining stock from its shelves, signalling the end of an era as consumers increasingly move toward digital products with flat-panel and high-definition screens. http://www.businessweek.com/ap/finan.../D8SB1C880.htm
OK, I'm new to this so play nice... Just built a new computer w/Vista Ultimate 32, nVidia 680i motherboard & GeForce 8800 GTS video card. I'm looking for a card to capture my favorite shows from a STB. HD would be nice but not necessary... Will a Hauppauge Win-TV HVR-1160 do this? I see many a discussion about this but nothing about STB's. If anyone has experience w/this or any other suggestions *please* comment! Thanks.
FYI guys ~ The NVIDIA® DualTV MCE TV tuner card has been discontinued. NVIDIA has announced it is discontinuing sales of NVIDIA DualTV MCE, an analog TV tuner, in accordance with the FCC requirement that TV receiving devices sold after March 1, 2007 possess the capability of supporting digital television signals.
Heading on a cruise to St. Thomas & St. Martin in December... Anyone tried to get reception this far south before? I appreciate any help in advance, thank-you!
I also have a September build for my Panny-8UK & happy to say no problems/situations at all. Enjoy & congrats on your purchase!
Lol, It's obviously been awhile since I purchased my last receiver... The $500 was a starting point to start looking at. From your post I take it that either Rotel or Nad is the preferred receiver to compliment these speakers to fully appreciate them? Do you have a suggestion as to what model to start looking at for a HT? Appreciate your responces.
Hey everyone, I need some assistance from all you experts! Looking for a good marriage for some M&K S-125 fronts, S-85 rears & V-75II sub. Receiver will be used for 80% HT & 20% music. I don't understand all this 4 ohm stuff so help a guy out would ya? I've used Yamaha receivers in the past for a reference. The room size is 12x15 ajoining another 12x15 dining room. I just purchased a 50" plasma for the room & want to do it right. Let's start out around $500+...
Quote: Originally posted by drjeffrock I bought my Pio 434cmx from Monitor Outlet. The sales staff was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions and concerns honestly. They are an authorized Pioneer internet dealer too. I checked out forum sponser TVAuthority, but they have a store in my neighborhood so they insisted that they would have to charge me for shipping AND sales tax. I also asked them to put together a price for me including an Aurora vid...
Hey everyone I've remodeled my home & sold my 65" RP TV. Now it's time to invest in a plasma & put above the new fireplace. As with most remodeling project's it went above my set budget :( I did a search on this forum & saw a few posts mentioning Monitor Outlet but didn't see any comments from anyone that actually did business w/them. I'm trying to stretch my remaining $$ as far as I can. Does anyone here have any first hand knowledge or comments? I appreciate your...
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