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Sorry, I haven't kept up with this thread and just saw this, when does the FCC ruling take effect?Thanks,
I would suggest that you call or email Yamaha support and ask them to send you instructions on how to get the update for FM reception. They have updates for A800, A1000, A2000, 1065 & 2065.
I posted without seeing Nodd's reply, I guess we are on the same page!
There should have been another choice: "No, we are bombarded enough with radio waves above 2 GHz, the health risks need to be understood before we expose more radiation to the cells in our bodies". There was a recent study recently linking high densities of WiFi hotspots with tree disease in urban settings. More research needs to be done. I for one have been using a wired headset for years because I don't want to risk damaging brain cells due to radio waves from cell...
I logged a support issue with Yamaha for this issue over a year ago when I first "upgraded" my receiver from the 1065. I ended up purchasing a $100 Insignia to be able to get FM reception. Finally in August I was fed up with this work-around, so I started bugging them about a fix. Apparently the Axxxx series used the same chip and had similar issues, so Yamaha was forced to come up with a fix for those receivers & the support manager indicated that he was going to push...
Does the HD Radio in the 3311 work well? After disappointment with the tuner in the RX-V2065 I would like to find an HDMI 1.4 receiver that has a good HD Radio.
If someone picks up the RX-A1000 anytime soon I would appreciate hearing how well the HD radio works. My RX-V2065 is junk in that regards (note that I have a rooftop FM antenna). Does anyone know if the Denon AVR-3311CI HD tuner works well?
I found NECN on 710 as well, so I guess they haven't started standardizing the channels for the Londonderry head end. It appears the information I was given was wrong. Thanks,
NECN starts with new weather graphics tomorrow, the HD broadcast is a week later on Jan 18 - should be on 808 and/or 809.
My message from 12/31 didn't include 748, so TiVo must have missed that one.
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