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I don't have an inductance ammeter.
Here is the response from Yamaha: ----------------- Thank you for your inquiry regarding the Yamaha RX-V2065 A/V receiver. Based on the information provided there may be a defect within the receiver. At this point your have two options: - Contact the dealer that you purchased the unit from and request an exchange. This would depend on their specific return/exchange policy. or - Take advantage of Yamaha's two year factory warranty which covers parts and labor for...
I don't have a bluetooth headset, cannot confirm that nor can I confirm / deny the availability of an iPhone app. Unless it is using a port other than 80, there does NOT appear to be a web-interface. Except for the lack of decent FM station selection, I really like the unit (listening to WCRB classical via HD radio as I type). The instructions for checking the firmware version don't work, so I cannot see if I have the latest or need an update (press / hold straight...
I am wondering if there is a design defect in the tuner section. When I plugged in the AM loop antenna, FM reception went almost dead (maybe one station). I wonder if there is a wiring fault between the FM and AM sections? I think I will need to call Yamaha, I am likely to return the unit because the 1065 didn't seem to have this problem - regretting the "upgrade" now.
I have my 2065 installed. I haven't setup any of the network stuff yet. It didn't seem to pull in as many FM stations as the 1065, but that may have been due to the time of day (or rather night) I tried it. It is still significantly lighter than the RX-V4600 and not as deep by about 3".
Yes (assuming 2065 is the same as 1065 - confirmation will be Thursday), that was always a pet-peeve of mine. Using the tuner from the remote also seems more intuitive.
I should add that the tuner section on the 1065 was much more intuitive than the 4600 - and the auto-preset-scan function worked really well with the 1065 with the new GUI.
I decided that the few extra features on the 2065 was worth my seeing if I could trade-in my 1065. Glad I did, it ended up costing me only $89 more than I originally paid for the 1065 - timing is everything (catching it on a price-reduction as well as a 10% discount). I was quite happy with the 1065 - my only regret was the loss of power when switching from the RX-V4600 to the RX-V1065 as well as some of the flexibility. Now with the 2065 I will be able to stream music...
I am very happy with my 1065. The OSD seems intuitive enough. What I like was just place the microphone and let YPAO do its work. I watch XMEN The Last Stand and the scene in the old house when it lifted off the ground was amazing. My whole room was shaking (I have Mirage speakers / powered subwoofer for all but the center channel - that is an M&K). I haven't hooked up all my old gear, and probably won't, so lack of lots of legacy inputs probably won't be an issue.
I have had mine for about 3 weeks now, and I am loving the look of my Blu-rays (using PS3 60GB)! I ended up getting the Yamaha RX-V1065 that seems to have more than enough power, although not as much as the RX-V4600 it is replacing. Now I have awesome sound and picture and enough HDMI 1.3 inputs (automatic sound leveling with YPAO as well).My 63" 590 is 28.5" from the bottom of the TV's frame to the floor, I have it on an old stand that aesthetically isn't the correct...
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