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Add me to the list of BGLOD unhappy Mits users (52725). I lost power due to a tree on the power lines down the street, when I came back on generator power and eventually line power nothing but blinking green. I am replacing it with the Samsung 63" plasma (I had been looking at the 73" Mits until this happened). Not sure if I want to try to repair it at this point (I believe I purchased it in November 2004 with a 3 year extended warranty from Tweeter). I haven't looked...
The correct link is: http://www.red2blu.com/ (note that it is "blu" not "blue")
It appears to be the power supply. I found a link to the following video on fixya.com: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToWeEhj8Lew I checked and the two 2200uf capaciters in the power supply look to be bad. So if anyone else has this old but useful dinosaur that seems to have died, there may be hope. I have ordered two replacement caps and hopefully I will restore it to life. I use it with my old Sony HD receiver (the one that outputs SD and HD simultaneously). It has...
I'll second being prepared for the CableCARD installation. You should run setup and indicate that you will be installing a CableCARD later, that way the box gets provisioned ahead of time. Of course if the installer has a bad cable card you will be in for a wait no matter what. You also need to triple check with them that they are bringing "multistream" cable cards, if you only want a single card in the Tivo (assuming you have a Tivo HD or the newer one). It took 4...
I sent a request to have this renamed to New Hampshire - Comcast (formerly Adelphia) where they can drop the "(formerly Adelphia)" if undesirable. Regards,
Thanks sneals2000, a more current receiver would be my preference. Do you think they can be shipped to the states or would FCC regs prevent that? (Note that lack of ATSC is not an issue for me, I have Tivo HD for that).
Thanks for all the information so far. It appears that the nfusion HD is one of the best FTA HD receivers, but can you connect a C-band dish to it? That is the part that seems fuzzy to me. If I need the 4DTV receiver and HDD-200 they seem like obsolete equipment (and hard to get). How do you record with that combo? Thanks,
I have always been interested in direct reception of channels from satellites, now that standards have hopefully stabilized, what equipment would I need to receive NASA HD broadcasts (and other HD broadcasts). I realize I will need a large dish, I would appreciate pointers to equipment vendors who can provide a complete package. Here are the specs from NASA: How to Receive NASA Television's Occasional HD Programming NASA TV Downlink Parameters: Uplink...
It is more likely the case that the decoders in the box can't keep up with some bandwidth that is below the max bit-rate they are sent.
My access seems to be back to normal. wdwms, I nominate you to be our official spokesperson! My modem is DOCSIS 2 and I own it, so I am not likely to bother upgrading. Thanks,
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