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My Mits 52725 doesn't give too many options with an HD signal. My Stargate DVD really suffers because it is not an anamorphic transfer. However the Blu-ray version looks really great, so there is no reason to watch the DVD...
The grain in dark scenes is a function of the source material, not the playback. You should see it in the movie theater as well. If you are seeing grain, everything is working well. If you see macroblocking, then things are not working so well. HD exposes all the warts in the movie making process. I just saw Spiderman 3 in the movie theater, and I was amazed at how bad the projection looked in some scenes. It will be interesting to see if they manage a better...
Have you watched "The Ring" recently?
The sine wave output is simply helping to ensure that the power isn't feeding a lot of weird harmonics into the power supply of my equipment due to stepped waves instead of sine waves, especially for equipment that is inheritantly analog (ams / preamps). I just don't want to be introducing extra sources of noise into my systems. Note that I haven't actually put an oscilliscope on the output to verify how much better the AC waveform is.
I have my Mits 52" DLP & AV Equipment on an APC Smart UPS 1500. Goes for around $480.00. You don't get the fancy voltage display, but the higher end of the Smart UPS generate sine-wave output, which is all I care about. Back in 1996 when we had the ice storm here in New England we lost power for 4+ days, I had an APC UPS and some other no-name UPS protecting my equipment (along with surge surpressors). I had left my apartment for a hotel room and my landlord was taking...
The Steely Dan disk was a DTS CD (sorry for the misinformation), here is the sum of my testing. From the back of my Queen "The Game" disc: Audio Tracks - Rate - Depth - Compatibility --------------- - ----- - ------- - --------------- DVD-A 5.1 --- 96K ---- 24 --- DVD Audio DTS 5.1 ------ 96K ---- 24 --- DVD-A, DVD-V, DVD-ROM (requires DTS receiver) PCM 2.0 ST -- 96K ---- 24 --- DVD-A, DVD-V, DVD-ROM Disc tests: Steely Dan "Gaucho" ---------- DTS CD - PS3...
I was really close to purchasing the LG combo player, but as I read this forum I realized that the HD-DVD implementation might be lacking, so I decided to save some money and simply get a PS-3. If I find some must-have titles only available on HD-DVD, I can go out and buy an HD-DVD player and I will still have payed less than the current cost of the LG. At least this way I can start enjoying Blu-ray titles.
That looks like it, please make it sticky. Thanks,
I looked in the Blue-ray Players and the HD DVD Players and I didn't see any sticky topic for the LG player. I would assume that LG was just the first of many. Can we get a Combo Players forum setup? Where is the LG topic? Can someone make it sticky?
You can watch recent episodes of 24 online: http://fox.com/24/ Not the HD experience we all love, but at least you can follow the plot.
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