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Same with me about six months ago. My 809 came back working fine but the last two weeks it has be changing inputs for no reason. Very weird problem. I emailed Onkyo today and he wanted me to send it back to Michigan for repair. After having issues with an 805, an 807, and again on my 809, I am not wasting any more time or money.When it goes, I'm on to a something simpler. Since I have a nice SONOS system, I really don't need all the bells and whistles anymore. Just...
Samsungs have a habit of switching the imput on my receiver to the "TV" input even though my cable box was connected to the "CBL" input which was HDMI 3. So I reassigned the HDMI 3 to "TV" and problem was solved.
Is KXAN HD there? All five HD stations?
To my knowledge, no more clear QAM over cable and the basic package has been pretty well stripped. Roof top antennae is the best way to go.
Windows control panel > sound. Set sound to HDMI option
My Onkyo DVD plays SACD and DVD-A
Yes, on my 805. 807, and 709. Sometimes unplugging it for a few minutes or resetting the processor will bring it back.
What server has the music? Are you trying to stream from your pc? if so, have you configured it (Win7) WMP12 for sharing the music?
Shopping for a Marantz 5007. Any opinions or hot deals?
Bought a new Onkyo 805 Receiver. The HDMI board failed out of warranty. So I bought a new 807 and the HDMI board failed. Sent it in for repair to a very poor Onkyo repair shop in Dallas who fixed a cold solder on the HDMI board. It failed again a month later. So I gave up on it and bought a 709. See the trend here? My 709 has been doing weird things. Today I changed the channel on my Tivo and the 709 hiccuped. No picture or sound and then "Onkyo" showed on my tv...
New Posts  All Forums: