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I can't figure out what happened to my pc. I use it as an htpc on my projector and I just got the internet through fiberoptic cable. I was wizzing along happily when all the sudden I started getting "IE can't display page" and kernel32.dll errors. There are other errors that pop up too, they all sound like xxxxx32.dll names. I don't have a clue what to do. I did run spybot and remove some stuff but that didn't fix it. It seemed to go away for about 2 hours last...
no, he has the receiver and cd/dvd player. he just needs the 5.1 speaker setup. And I agree he should spend more but what can you do...some ppl want the sun and the moon.
I know that's not much, but I have a friend w/ a receiver (cheap sony, prob about 50w/ch) and a cd player whose speakers are atrocious. Can anyone point me to the best bang for buck in this price range? please? :) thx, Rob
I am not having much luck getting a signal >-80db on my htpc. The network router is about 60' away through 6 walls. The pci card I have is an aria pci extreme .11g type. Is this any good? I've seen several for less than the $100 I spent. I've seen a cantenna for about 30$ but I don't know if that's junk or not... thx, Rob
Is knights of the old republic much better on the pc than on the xbox? also, is painkiller or farcry the better game?
I see good things about painkiller, farcry, knights of the old republic and a couple of others.... but I don't know which to get. I have an xbox and a strong pc...could go either way on platform. Any input?? please? ;)
thanks, I didn't know there was a tt forum. I'll look there some and test out ffdshow!
windows xp and audigy 6, not sure of the drivers tho. I can check once I get home if that might help. I am at least 6 months behind on any updates b/c I haven't had online access from home... thanks for your help so far! ~Rob I tried ffdshow once w/ a few older players and had nothing but problems and blank screens. Maybe the full new version of TT works though?
I just installed Theatertek and when I FF over 2x speed it freezes and stutters, not smooth at all. 1.5x and 2x are okay. My pc is a 2.6ghz, 1gig, ati 9700pro machine... ??? thanks, Rob PS: any tips on how to improve the picture further? I really like the image this player puts out but I haven't messed w/ ffdshow or whatever else is available...
sweet. Thanks guys. I got sick this weekend and slept the whole thing away. I'll give it a go asap, though. ~rob
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