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I do have the RCA remote you mention. What I do not like about it is the small size of some of the buttons I use frequently. I might be satisfied with the approach of adding a JP1 interface. Any more information on this approach?
I know the subject of master power on 3 components at once has been discussed before, but, the only solution was to use a different remote control. I personally really like the layout and size of the buttons that come with the Directv RC65 remote, but, like many, would like my home theater to turn on also when the TV and HR34 turn on. I searched and searched the web for schematic diagrams and any modifications to the RC65 but could not find any. I did find a 2001...
I uploaded the firmware for LC-70LE733U to my BOX account. I believe this update is the same for all LC-70LEXXX series. You can access it using the link below:https://www.box.com/s/659ffab855e2d47272e3
I also had an issue upgrading via the internet and had to use the USB method. Every so often I ask Sharp if they can add Hulu Plus but they never have an answer I would like. Also, it would be great if they added Skype.
I have the same slight audio delay by using the optical output from my LE732. Although, it is much better than a previous 60 inch Sharp I purchased last year. I spoke with Sharp last year and was told to use the optical output from the DVR to guarantee syncing the audio with the video. He said the Sharp TVs process the audio when the TV optical output is used and there are inherent delays. Of course, the downside of not using the TV output is what do you do when...
Unfortunately, I can never get the answers I want from Sharp. Below is a communication earlier this year when I asked about adding Hulu Plus: Dear Michael, Thank you for contacting Sharp Electronics Corporation's AQUOS support. At this time, Hulu is not available with our Sharp TV's. I apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate the opportunity to assist you. I would like to know what you thought about your satisfaction with your email experience. Please click the...
I used the Sanus VMPL3-B and it is great.
Has there been any information regarding Sharp updating their apps? Hulu Plus might be nice.
Not a plasma guy. Went back to LCD.
I have a 60PZ950 I can not return and have used it for only one week. Selling it cheap, PM me.
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