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Forgot to include the response chart for the shaker riser using the Behringer DSP1124P Feedback Destroyer.
Maybe we can make a deal with the NSA, spy all you want on us but in return we get complete access the the biggest porn collection on the planet.
Costso has a set that's at a good price point. http://www.costco.com/Swann-1080p-2-Pack-NVR-IP-Bullet-Cameras.product.100039914.html http://www.cctvforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=35206
Thank goodness for the spies on both sides. The access the USSR had to our secret communications prevented them from doing something really stupid several times because they knew our true military intentions. The series is great, it brings back a lot of good memories.Real (stupid) spy stories.https://bulk.resource.org/courts.gov/c/F2/856/856.F2d.1268.86-1256.html
A note to help someone who still has one of these. My old LVM-37w1 finally started to power off (no picture) after running for a while and then it just quit with nothing but the orange led one day. The problem with mine was on the power supply. A bad solder joint in the switching power driver section of the board on a capacitor lead. http://flic.kr/p/cYCEFy http://flic.kr/p/cYCECN If you have one sitting in a closet with this problem this might be a easy fix.
I get all my medical advice from zombie shows. Tks There are actual blogs about this on political websites.
What's in the barn? Research equipment. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3047/...f748e527aa.jpg
The use of EM field theory with displacement currents, Poynting Theorem and Poynting Vectors for utility power systems been fought out before. The imaginary energy flows calculated for the near field (magnetic) of a 3 foot long 60hz power cord are misleading. This paper is about poly-phase power systems but it's just as valid for your common 120AC household power unless the load is purely resistive with non-time-variant...
If Shane had planned on using Otis as his anti-zombie decoy it would have been best to save it for when it's most effective, like just before you escape, clearing the path to the truck. If his logic was saving his butt #1 and helping the boy #2, it was a good play and a great episode.
New Posts  All Forums: