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^^^Thanks Sanjay for always having something interesting to add. I tried to read the article, suffered a mild headache but I think I found the answer - pls correct me as needed. To sum it up, I think: 5 speakers, 5 listeners, 3 rooms. Perceptual flat curve was achieved "by chance," meaning certain speaker just happens to give more perceptually flat curve in certain room, and those are preferred by the listeners. There was no electronic pre-amp level manipulation of...
^^^No mas. I've made enough of a fool of myself already. (**2** liberal arts courses my whole 4 years of college; rest were all numbers and equations, which I don't remember anything of anyway. ;-))
Saw Taming of the Shrew by what's his name a couple years ago in his hometown. The skill must have rubbed off on me.
Sorry I meant "perceptually flat," not "perceptively flat." They sound close enough :-) but I think perceptual is the more correct expression.Sanjay, what method did they use to achieve the curve in your post (basically, to generate different curves to test listeners) - by adjusting sensitively of treble/midrange drivers, adjusting crossover, by room treatment, etc.?
^^^Easy. Starts with a C, ends with an A, Used to be Three, now it's a Four. Dirac is on board, Prepare to be floor'ed.
Yes Dirac is lucky to have Theta :-) (and vice versa). If there is one company I would like to see implementing RC, it would be audiophile Theta with its listening-test-above-all approach. Failure with an all-out component like CB IV would be the kiss of death for Dirac for me. Besides the obvious cost difference, the CB IV will in addition have a huge advantage over my BMW: I could limit the frequency of correction to see if high-frequency correction is what caused the...
Purely an arbitray, artificial, and puzzling limitation. I can't wait to see the day of a no-holds barred Cayman; Porsche will have my money again no question asked.
We need to ask J. Bale on this one. I hooked up my Yamaha equalier with spectrum display to test, but was not able to determine the answer with 100% certainty. My system is set with SURROUND cut-off frequency at 80 hz, the SIDE cut-off is unknown as per our discussion so far. I hooked up my (cheap) Yamaha spectrum analyzer to the line-level output of Casablanca to test. The spectrum analyzer has bar graph displays at various frequencies, the lowest being 30 and 60, and...
Does this mean the crossover point of "Surround" speakers is applied to "Side"? If not, that means "Side" is always full range?If no one knows the answer, I could dust off my trusty Yamaha equalizer with spectrum analyzer from the attic .
Casablanca is like a box of chocolate... Good question; I don't think so but not 100% sure. Does anyone know if the sides could be adjusted for crossover frequency?Regarding the choice of side speakers, IMHO it's not as critical as the front 3, but you don't want to put junk in there either as distortion will mess up the sound of front 3. I was in the middle of remodeling the hometheater and had to choose one quickly; I chose B&W 2 way speaker with 8"/1" drivers, CCM682,...
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