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Has anyone used one of the new Nvidia GT630 cards based upon the gk208 chip. It appears to be the lowest power graphics card with a lot of chip capabilities. I haven't found any reviews concentrating on htpc's. If anyone has further insights into how suitable it is for madvr etc. please chime in? I don't want to start an argument about intel hd4000 etc. being good enough, for the sake of discussion assume it isn't.
All newer neighborhoods in Austin are underground utilities! Austin has lots of newer neighborhoods. It of course has older neighborhoods. I assume Kansas City has some new neighborhoods with underground utilities, what has google done in these?
I live in austin and am looking forward to google fiber rolllout here in 2014. Out of curiosity how did google run it's cable both in neighborhoods, and from the curb to your home. Did they tear up a lot of streets? Or were they allowed to pull their fiber in existing chases? Since Kansas City and a couple cities in kansas are the only places where it has been installed, there is little information about how it was done!
Given microsofts lack of commitment to media center, i have serious doubts about how long they will support live tv in the one. The cable companies barely supported cable card and by extension media center. Imagine a non techie consumer trying to integrate their tv,cable box and xbox one, i doubt if microsoft really wants any part of that headache. Microsoft and apple both want to insert themselves into the middle of your home intertainment, and in microsofts case pay...
I used intel because of lower power consumption,a nd a built in intel nic. After trying to report the 59.94 hz bios bug to intel support i may never buy one again. The support agent was indifferent and clueless at the same time, no easy accomplishment.If any intel employee is following this thread, please report the DH77EB frame rate problem to the proper development group. The way intel runs their support it is not clear if an issue is even being investigated or not.
Has anyone tried custom resolutions to work around the DH77EB bios problem? I am happy to bug intel about the 23.976, problem if anyone has a suggestion as to the best way to report the problem? Also Intel has a BOXDZ75ML-45K uatx z75 motherboard does anyone know if it's bios has the 24p bug or not?
It seems to me that the differences between amd,nvidia and intel post processing capabilities boil down to what kind of content is to be viewed. The anand article indicates that madvr pushes even hd4000 for some kinds of content. It sheds little light on the impact of using intel,amd or nvidia under media center! What is not clear is what differences exist between hd2000,3000 and hd 4000 for playback of 1080i content through media center? Ceton and silicondust cable card...
I have used both zwave and upb. If you want to integrate upb is far superior to zwave! The zwave protocol is NOT open, upb is openly documented and pcs it's originator offers free software to configure,test your devices. Because upb has open documentation writing third party software to support it is straightforward, zwave on the otherhand is so closed that people are forced to reverse engineer their protocol to attempt to integrate with it. UPB is not without potential...
I had my pciex ceton card reset during some recordings last week, i am running the latest public firmware. From reading this thread ceton has had numerous beta versions since the last public release. Is there a beta version which has cured these resets? If so what version appears to be most stable? For erik why hasn't ceton made a public release since last fall?
About once a week I have to reset the tuning adapter. It has been much better since the tuning adapter firmware upgrade last fall. Before the firmware upgrade there were days where it had to be reset several times per day!
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