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Will there ever be support for Macs?
I play my BD through the PS3-DRC is set to OFF on the PS3 setup menu. Is that why DRC does not show up on the Denon setup menu, under parameters?
PS3 BD Dolby True HD audio output into the 3808ci: PCM selected on PS3. True HD selected on movie. Play movie...select display on PS3 and it shows output of Dolby True HD. 3808ci shows PCM/Digital/ Multi-Channel IN and no Dolby True HD light(as expected via this forum): Recent reply from Denon support: Recently you requested personal assistance from our on-line support center. Below is a summary of your request and our response. If this issue is not resolved to your...
Problem is: When I go to Parameters on the 3808ci, the DRC selection does not show up. How do I get it to show up in the Parameters menu?
I have tried to follow the comments about this but... My 3808ci will not show DRC under Parameters. I know that other selections must be chosen before the DRC will show up under the Parameters menu. But what are they? What is the exact audio setup for the PS3 and the 3808ci for Dolby True HD audio to pass to the receiver(video is fine--setup is HDMI to HDMI)? Could someone list the step by step method? I have contacted Denon support--so far not much help. Thanks in...
Quick advice: Dennon 3808ci or Sony DA 4400es? I'm returning a Sony Da 4300es because of numerous unfixed problems via Sony support. Must make a decision quickly. Thanks in advance. BTW-what is the Dennon 3809ci?? Is it an update to the 3808ci?
Steer clear of the 4300/5300--big problems. None solved so far. Read the threads here.
I have just ordered a new DA4300es and it is being shipped to me. I should receive it in a few days. I paid a low price, $599 to a reputable dealer. My current setup is: Sony DVP-NS900V (SACD/DVD player) DirecTV HR20-100 DVR (set at only 720p resolution) feeding a HDMI output directly into a Panny TH-50PH6 plasma (set at 720p max native resolution), via DVI connection (using a high quality HDMI-->DVI cable). Sound connections are from the DirecTV receiver into the Sony...
Why did you return the Sony XBR LCD? I own the Panny 32LX50 and read your reviews.
I will be calibrating my new Panny 32LX50 in the next few days. Would you list some of your settings for this LCD? Thanks. :)
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