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When I try this Stereoscopic Player says 3D is available full screen only and it is true.
Could you tell me what the 3D setting are for the Quadro card? Unfortunately I can not use Stereoscopic Player for my remote 3D streams as it doesn't support the streaming format. Bino does but has limited options for display.It has OpenGL which works with my 120 hertz ASUS monitor. Perhaps you could try BINO instead of Stereoscopic Player and see if it works in a window?
I do not think you understand.One hundred percent of my stereoscopic 3D viewing is done via computer. I tend to have several windows open at one time and at least one of them is 3D. Everyday I sit on my couch and watch 3D streamed from my office via BINO with the output set to line interleaved mode. At the same time I have another window open running SlingPlayer so I can watch DirectTV at the same time. I also have other windows open for various other things.]I would like...
I think I would buy one of these systems if I can be sure it will allow me to do what I currently do using checkerboard mode, horizontal interleave and 120 hertz 3D monitor and that is display 3D applications on my Windows desktop without having them have to be full screen. I tried simulating it using my Nvidia Quadro 4000 and 2 monitors but I can not get it to work.
I am streaming live 3D with excellent results now using VLC with the resolution set to 1440 by 1080 side by side at 3.5 megabits per second. I am viewing using Bino which allows me to view the live 3D in a window as well as full screen. This setting is the best I have found and results in little to no frames being dropped. I now find myself watching live 3D and 2D on my LG 3DTV simultaneously most of the time. (using SlingPlayer and WMC for TV in a window. Very addictive I...
1080P60 AVCHD MODE Tall Ships Parade July 25th
I deleted the YouTube video referenced in the beginning of this thread because I realized I had screwed up the editing. This is a new improved version that is shorter and has more tall ships. I also edited the version shot with one of the other cameras (Canon HF-G30) and am uploading a full res 60P version in case anyone is interested. (2D of course) I will put a link to that in the camcorders section because of the interest in that section. The tall ships are leaving...
I created something I dubbed "TricycleCam" for shooting video of the tall ships this weekend. Duluth Tall Ships in 3D
I did not attempt to have it join the network. What I did was connect it to a computer wirelessly and then I logged into that computer via the wired network using UltraVNC. I also have the i-teleport server running on it to connect using my iphones and Ipads. What happens is that the webbrowser on the computer is only connected to the camera and the VNC programs are using the wired network which I access over the internet.
I just acquired a G30 and have been testing the WIFI functionality for recording. I also wanted to know if the LANC functionality would be fully functional at the same time as the WIFI control. Works great. I am able to control the camera and watch the live video from the camera over the internet including smooth zoom using a WEB enabled LANC controller. I am hopeful I will be able to use two of these for streaming live 3D over the internet. Looks like it will work. The...
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