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Have an offer out on a NAD M25 on Audiogon, hopefully that will do the trick.
Sorry, for this setup mostly theater and TV viewing, video game playing. Minor role for music. I have an SVS 12+/2 in the theater though, so I don't want the speakers getting drowned out. The Outlaw 7125 has been dong well, I just thought I'd bump up to 200w while I had the coin. Needs to be 7 ch though, can't use 5 ch amp. Some good suggestions though, thanks.
It's time to shuffle the system a bit, I need to move the 7 ch amp (Outlaw 7125) from the basement HT to the main floor (I have 5 ch and am adding a second zone of 2 speakers outside) and then find a replacement for the basement 7.1 system. Been looking at Outlaw 7x200 amp (~$1850 new) and the Sunfire 7200 (7x200 used for ~$2000.) What other amps should I keep an eye out for that fall in this range and have similar (or better) quality? I drift to these 2 makers...
Is the white 350 available in the USA? Or is there a white version of the RS10?
Ah, thank you all. I luckily have two VP30s for different systems, swapping out the units showed that the power supply was the issue. Ordered a new one from Anchor Bay, $54 shipped is a cheap repair IMHO
My VP30 is having some pretty severe issues. Basically, it just turns on and off, on and off, over and over. Never really gets to displaying a picture, the only signs of life are the "Powered by ABT" startup screen, then a flash of red from the power LED, back to power down, rinse and repeat. Any ideas what this could be? Of course I tried pulling the power, but a hard reset isn't possible (it never makes it that far to respond to the remote.) Any help?
That worked pretty well, the PJ was a little crooked. Thanks.
Logically, that makes sense. If the projector was mounted a bit more right of the center, as it throws its beam across the screen the left side would be a little larger than the right side. But couldn't I still get it facing straight forward and then lens shift the image into place? I mean, isn't that what lens shift is for?
How do you mean? That it is listing a bit to the rigth or left on the mount?
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