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I have an RS10 with ~450 hrs which had been requiring the widest lens aperture(3) to get a decently bright picture. After wiping the haze off that glass prism thing in front of the bulb the projector is much brighter with the lens aperture at the lowest(1) setting. There was no haze on the bulb and it was not cracked as others had found. This has been the most fantastic DIY electronics tweak I have ever performed! Kudos to the provider of this tip! Sorry I did not...
I'm sorry if this has been addressed in earlier messages. Compared to Bluray and my just disconnected Dish Network package, my U-verse picture is quite dim(bright areas of the picture are not very bright) and black levels are elevated. I can deal easily with the latter, but if I bump contrast, highlights just get blown out. This problem only occurs on my JVC RS10 projector(3rd floor of my house) and not on my 40 inch LCD panel(1st floor installation). Connecting via...
No image comes up(just black) when trying to view the .jpg in post #322. Thanks.
So does the HDP move the secondaries around because it cannot independently adjust primary color saturation? Thanks, Warren
Thanks, Roger, I'll try those adjustments. Warren
Hi, Any input from other RS10 users would be appreciated with regard to the following: 1. Image noise(fine dots that continuously come and go, ?mosquito noise) - especially in very dark scenes(e.g. National Treasure) but occasionally in bright images(Pride and Prejudice, 1995). Similar noise is seen in some HDTV channels. I'm coming from a Sony VPL-VW40 and I don't remember any noise issues like this. 2. DVD images seem very soft - I am using 1080p HDMI...
Are RS10 blacks a far cry from the RS20 or are they somewhere close? Does it take a black level snob to see the difference in a bat cave or not?Thanks,Warren
Are black levels much lower to the eye with RS20 vs RS10?
1. Is there a better/best sensor/probe for LCD vs DLP front projector? 2. I have Panasonic PT-ae1000U. Are the "color", "tint" and "brightness" controls within the "Color Management" area of the menu genuine saturation, hue and brightness controls for individual colors? The manual says this will let you "select a color and adjust color, tint and brightness." Thanks, Warren
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