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Murphy's Law: Without any reason I can think of my Apple TV2 is now working with the Projector.... I tested it so, so, so many times in the past.... So, my only issue now is Automatic resolution vs. manual resolution, and I can live with that until I get a 1080p compatible projector. My Z4 is happy again.... Thanks, RDP
My HDMI life is not a happy one: All HDMI sources to are fed (by manually switching cables) to a HDMI over Coax device: http://www.amazon.com/C2G-40574-TruLink-Transmitter-Receiver/dp/B005SIMSAE This then is connected to my now very old Sanyo Z-4. I have some problems with this setup: 1. Nothing auto negotiates properly with the Sanyo. I need to go in manually to the devices that support 720p and select it. For PS3 and Xbox 360 this is ok, but my STB does not allow...
I seem to be challenged. I live in Japan and am interrested in this projector, but it does not seem to be sold here. The Business site has these projectors: http://panasonic.biz/projector/ The Home site has no projectors: http://panasonic.jp/ Is it really not available in it's "home" country? Thanks, Robert
I have long been at a loss as how to address my HT setup. I have multiples HDMI sources, one TV that accepts 1080p HDMI signals and one projector that accepts 1080i HDMI signals. For a long time I though of switching to an AV Amp with two HDMI outputs was one option but recently I thought maybe a matrix might be better but have always been concerned that I would not get appropriate negotiation when switching between output 1 which is 1080p and output two which is 1080i....
ROne, Exactly. You hit the point exactly. You can't SEEM to get rid of it completley. And yes, overscan is set to ZERO. Funny how you can't seem to get rid of it, but I wonder what sort of enhancement IS being applied. Interested to know. 1:1 is being applied RDP BTW, I am in Tokyo, so can take a trip to AVAC if anyone want's new toy's checked out.
*sigh* Looks like a bump is needed.
Ok, it's been asked by a few people before, and I do not belive (correct me if I am wrong) that we have come to a collective conclusion on how to fix the problem. Problem: Getting a true 1:1 image with no post edge enhancement to the Z4 over HDMI (usually from a HTPC). Attempts at resolving the problem: Turning off all advanced mode features (black enhancement, transient improvement, etc, etc...) and fiddling with the sharpness settings. I give up, I've tried...
My SGI is a sexy beast as well. Indigo http://www.irisindigo.com/images/indigo.jpg I use it as a doorstop now (not kidding!) RDP
For the last time. Make sure you have latest forceware drivers. Make sure Z2 is already ON Input 2 set to HDCP (NOT PC Digital). Detect Displays (forceware screen). Run Monid. Here: Monitor Windows description......... SAN Monitor Manufacturer description.... PLV-Z2 Manufacturer................ SAN ———————————————————— ———————— Plug and Play ID............ SAN9B06 Serial...
I use the same fix as well. With a 5700U. Setting it to PC Digital AFTER everything is fine changes the Gamma a bit. Probably opens up to the full 0~255 range. Works like a charm. RDP
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