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Samsung is not covering it. I have an extended warranty and they told me it needs a main & power board. The main board is on a nationwide backorder and it will be 4 weeks to get the part. I would avoid Samsung tv's.
That didn't make any difference covering the IR. I called Samsung and they are looking into and said they will get back to me in a few days. I did a search and it sounds like it could be a bulb issue. There is no way I wore it out.
My 6 month old HL72A650 started turning itself off and on. I had to unplug it. Anyone else having this issue? This is my second 72 inch dlp with problems in less an a year.
Always buy extended warranties on Samsung tv's.
I am really interested in this new receiver, so if anyone has any info,reviews, or opinions please post it here. The weight drop has me and others a bit concerned, but it's a lot of receiver for $500.
The Onkyo is tempting, but I have a 2 yr old one that I just didn't like the sound and found it confusing to use. I have read that a lot of people have had heat issues with them, but maybe the 706 has been improved. Does anyone know if the 706 or the Pioneer have on screen volume display?
I am currently using a 5.1 M&K speaker/sub combo. I am using a 10 yr old Denon and need something new. I have owned Yamaha and Onkyo, but I feel the Denon sounds better. From reading a lot of posts it sounds like a Pioneer VSX-1018AH-K might be my best choice at this price point. Any other brand/model I should consider?
I have the S-125's and use omnimount model 53 RST. I bought them several years ago, so I don't know if they are still available. I am sure you can find them or contact Omnimount and they can tell you if they still make it or if it was replaced by a new model.
I am looking at both of these also and I am leaning towards the pioneer VSX-1018AH-K. I usually by Denon, but it's hard to beat all the features and price of the pioneer.
I had a hard time finding the sammy 72 myself, but I did find a store who had it. It was next to a Mits 65 and the sammy looked better. I bought my tv online and saved a grand.
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