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Thanks again sfhub.
ReplayLyndon you are correct about UTV, but I am using my cable directly into my Replay. I have no box. So if I connect my dss box it might be even slower? I have only had this for a few days, so I am still adjusting. I did figure out that you can use the up arrow to show you what is on other channels while you watch a show. That's pretty cool. Can anyone tell me how tell how much space I have left for recording shows? I set the record quality to medium and I have a 40 gig...
I guess I find it hard to believe they would make this unit with such a delay. My UTV is 2 yrs old and it out performs this machine in almost everyway. I just got it so I have to get used to it. I hope 5.0 comes out soon.
I thought my Ultimate TV was slow, but this Replay is torture to change channels with. I can't believe there is so much lag when changing stations. I think 6 seconds is normal for this device, but tell me if I am wrong.
Thanks sfhub.
Is there any tv/replay button I am missing, so I can have the replay on and watch tv on the same input? Like a a vcr has a tv/vcr button.
Order # 443### showed up in CA yesterday. Plain white box. Unit is in perfect shape.
Thanks Rudy.
Order #443xxx with $50 off coupon just shipped 3 day select. I have one question to those who have a Replay. Should I use a phone line or a ethernet line for updating the guide?
chain777- What were the first 3 #'s of your order?
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