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Budget_HT- I appreciate all your help. I'll order all the parts pretty soon and I hope to get my hands on the upconverter in early June. I'll let you know if I get it working. Thank you.
Budget_HT- My Denon does do component video switching, so could I use a VGA to component video cable to the Denon and then component video to my upconverter? Or would I need something in between? I didn't think about using my Denon as a switch. Thank you for all your input.
Budget_HT- I had a feeling it wasn't going to be easy to connect. I'll check with ADS about connecting my DTC-100 to it. As far as the audio goes I have everything connected to my Denon and I am not going to connect any audio to the upconverter.
The hd upconverter is made by ADS. It was suppose to be out by now, but it won't be sold until June. I wanted to have all the cables/converters I would need so I could use when it ships. Here is a link to the item: https://www.adstech.com/products/HDU...p?pid=HDUP1500
Budget_HT- Actually it is not a line double, but a hd upconverter and it requires my hd input. The upconverter has serveral inputs, so I will have to connect my DTC-100 to the upconverter. The upconverter has component video connections. The only other input on my tv is a component video. I need to find a new cable to go from the DTC-100 (vga) to the upconverter (component video).
I saw this device and it sounds like I might need it also, but I am not sure. http://www.pacificcable.com/Picture_...?DataName=9A60
I have mits hd-ready tv that has a RGB connection and I use a vga to 5 bnc cable to connect my DTC-100. I am going to be getting a line doubler that supports HD component connections. Can I get a vga to component video cable to connect this or will I need some kind of decoder between the DTC-100 and line doubler?
I spoke with ADS yesterday and they told me that my tv will work. Also he said that the unit won't be shipping until June.
yubyub- Thanks, but I have seen that thread. I am hoping someone here get's one and put's up a review. I have one on order, but it is not suppose to ship until May.
Mroll- I just read the manual and it does show that both comp and RGB HD connections can be used. I'll check this ADS to make sure. RAVEN56706- I have no idea if this product will be any good, but for $600 I think it is worth trying. I haven't seen any reviews yet.
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