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I think I will contact ADS and see what they tell me.
I am wrong. I have a wt-46805. The hd input is R G B H V. I am guessing I will need a a component to RGB cable. If that is correct can anyone tell me where I might find one?
I have a WT-46807. I can't find my manual.
Thanks for the quick reply. My HD input has 5 connectors for video and the upconverter has just the 3 component. Any idea what kind of cable I am going to need?
I am trying to get one one of these, but I have a question on how I will connect it to my TV. I have a Mits HD ready tv. Do I connect it to my HD input or Component video input?
Is there anyway to recover a deleted show? I am sure you can't, but I thought I would ask.
I am using Radio Shack SPL meter and Avia to set the levels. I don't have it spiked into the ground, but it is real snug between the wall and couch. I will continue to adjust the the crossover and bass level and see if I can set it properly.
Here's an update. I have been trying to tune it and not having much luck. It is too boomy I have it aimed away from the wall, but I might try aiming it at the wall. The couch is shaking even at very low bass levels.
I love their sub. In fact I was so impressed by it I replaced all my speakers with M&K. The only bad thing about this sub is it is huge.
It's moved. I'll work on setting it up next. Thank you for the help.
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