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This is my sub: http://www.mksound.com/v125.html Any idea if it matters where I put the sub on the back wall? I will aim it so it fires parallel with the couch, but should I put it on the corner of the couch near the wall or in the middle of the couch?
I have an M&K sub that is placed in the front left corner of my room. I am planning on moving it to the back left corner behind my couch. Should I aim it at the wall or away from the wall?
Mike McCoy emailed me and said he will be posting a response in the next day or so.
I have emailed Mike McCoy from Adstech and asked him to respond to this subject.
RSH-I was going to post a question about this myself. I talked with the company and it will be out in April. I was wondering how well it might work for $600.
That's strange. I just noticed mine doing that also. It started a few weeks ago. I am at 78% with 43 shows. I have a 120gig drive in. The video will freeze and the audio will continue. It doesn't appear on everything I record though.
I just saw this on ATI's website. Has anyone used this connector?
Thanks a lot AmoebaMan. You sold me on it.
AmoebaMan- I wanted to know a few things: 1- How lousy is it when it changes disk? 2- Have you used the flip feature and does that work well? 3- Any idea how many scan speeds or fast forward speeds it has? I have Sony's 5 changer and it only has 2 fast fwd modes and it is real loud when changing disks. I appreciate any details you can share. Thanks for the info.
I am trying to find out any info on this player. It sounds to good to be true.
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